Breakfasts from Around the World

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A typical breakfast table in the country of Belgium is going to have lots of breads, cheeses, and jams. The Brussels waffle is rectangular and flaky and is usually topped with whipped cream, chocolate, ice cream, or fruit topping.


Breakfast in Ghana is the most popular meal of the day. Waakye is a common dish that is a combination of red and black eyed beans and rice, accompanied by a salad, boiled egg, plantain, meat or fish. Koko with bofroat is another dish but more common in coastal areas. it is basically a paste that is made by boiling corn dough and water. Sugar and milk are added to enhance the taste. The bofroat is similar to a Ghanian donut, a very tasty option as well!


In Brazil, lunch is the main meal of the day. Brazilians therefore tend to have a lighter breakfast. Coffee is an important part and many will enjoy pingado, or warm milk with sweetened coffee served in a glass. Fruit smoothies are common as well as famous cheese rolls or pau de queijo which are made of tapioca starch and are gluten free. In northeastern Brazil steamed cornmeal is served with butter and cheese. Special flaked cornmeal, milharina, is cooked in a special pot called cuscuzeira, borrowed from middle eastern traditions.


Again, breakfast is least popular dish in this country. Breakfast in France tends to be sweet and carb-heavy. La tartine is a toast served with butter or jelly spreads, les viennoiseries are patries, du jus de fruit is a fruit juice, and une boisson chaude is a hot drink. Cereals are becoming a staple among the younger generations and even older folks. According to a survey several years ago, 59% of french ate cereal for breakfast. That number has only gone up since then.


Cultural influences of neighboring countries China, Iran, India, and Afganistan are alive in the Pakistani breakfast. The most popular dish is called paratha which is a thick flaky flatbread cooked in butter or ghee. Paratha can be stuffed with potatoes, garlic, onion, cauliflower, chili, ginger, or minced meat. Another popular dish is called Nihari, taken from the Arabic word for morning and is a rich stew loaded with tender meat with ladles of desi ghee (clarified butter). Chana masala is a wholesome chickpea curry in an onion or tomato gravy, usually served with deep fried poori bread which is like small, puffy tortilla.

Those are some breakfast options from around the globe! Is anyone else getting hungry?